The all-in-one platform solution for businesses and organizations.

The Dorcas SaaS Platform is perfect for companies and organizations aiming to increase efficiency and streamline operations. Businesses who are expanding swiftly and have to meet the expectations of a broader audience can benefit the most from it. By consolidating all of your workplace communication, you can get everyone on the same page and reach decisions more quickly.

Platform built for organizations and businesses of all sizes.

Here’s a complete list of our products for digitization of everyday businesses and operations.


  • eCommerce Suite
  • eBusiness Suite


  • eCommerce Marketplace
  • Service Marketplace 


  • Consultancy Suite 
  • Education Suite
  • Health Suite

For Business

Single-business setup comes with an all-in-one e-Commerce suite for automating your business processes with options to add additional applications and functionality.

For Partners

Multi-tenant and white labelled installation for Banks and Business Development Service Professionals featuring e-Commerce or Job Creation infrastructure in a Central Marketplace

For Industry

Single or Multi-business digitisation application suites, custom-built and tailored to specific industries. Fully extendable with robust customisation & support

How it works

We believe scaling businesses and organizations require a radically different kind of approach and solution. Our lean, flexible approach is designed to help the businesses of tomorrow move forward, fast.



We deploy and setup the framework on your server for employees, businesses and SMEs under you to download and start using.



We do not not leave you or your businesses hanging as we provide support to you and your SMEs which can be accessed at any time.



We provide extra income generating services for you such as integration of your payment platform into your deployed Dorcas Platform.

Creating unique and digital experiences for your business and your organization needs.

Dorcas Saas platform creates that unique experience for everyday businesses and their operations needs.

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